Universal Smart WiFi Timer 10A / 2200W

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1. Home automation is "The Internet of Things". The way that all of our devices and   appliances will be networked together to provide us with a seamless control over all aspects of our home and more.

2. Sonoff is a low-cost, affordable device that help you to step into the amazing smart home.It is a WiFi wireless switch that can connect to appliance of different types and brands. Sonoff sends data to cloud platform through the WiFi Router, which enables you to remotely control all appliances with the App eWeLink on your smart phone.

3. Sonoff makes all your home appliances smart, as long as your phone has network you can remotely turn on or turn off your appliances from anywhere at any time. And by setting timing schedules for your appliances, you can maintain a carefree life.

4. The App eWeLink enables you to control your devices easily. You can download the iOS version in App Store and the Android version in Google Play.

Note: If you can not install and set it,please download the user guide when you can not set it right.

User's Guide
Download “eWeLink” app.

Search “eWeLink” in APP Store for iOS version or Google play for Android version.

Input  -  Output

N ———— N
Lin ———— Lout

Add device
1. Power up your device. 

2. Press the button for 7 seconds until the green LED blinks like this: blinks 3 times and on repeatedly.

3. For Android, please directly click the “Add” icon on eWeLink to search device, click next.

For iOS, please go to  phone Setting>WiFi>connect the WiFi begins with ITEAD-******, enter default password 12345678. Go back to eWeLink, select the pairing method, click next.

4. The App will auto-search the device.

- Input your home SSID & password:
4.1 Your SSID must be letters or numbers.
4.2 If no password, keep it blank.
4.3 Now eWeLink only support 2.4G wifi communication protocol, 5G-WiFi-router is not supported.


5. Next, the device will beregistered by eWelink and add it to your account,it takes 1-3 minutes.

6. Name the device to complete.

7.Maybe the device is “Offline” on eWeLink, for the device needs 1 minute to connect with your router and server. When the green LED on, the device is “Online”, if eWeLink shows still “Offline”, please close eWeLink and re-open.

APP features:

1. Remote ON/OFF.
Turn on/off by tapping on device icon. Device state and real time power will simultaneously display on the interface.

2. Tap 1 to measure device’s power usage for a period of time. Tap “start” to count the power usage, and tap “stop” to stop counting.

3. Tap 2 to check daily and monthly power usage.

4. Share device.
Owner can share the devices to other accounts, but both of them must stay online at the same time.

5. Timing schedules
Support max 8 single/repeat timing schedules each device. Preset timers can work even WiFi is unavailable, but the device must keep power on.

6. Security mechanism
One device one owner. Other people can not add the devices that have already been added.


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