Fruit juice cup

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UNIQUE DESIGN: Built-in citrus reamer juices fruit for more potent and delicious infused water
QUICK FLAVOR: Active infusion means water is flavored instantly and ready to drink
STAY HYDRATED: 28 ounce Tritan Plastic bottle - BPA/EA Free, two drinks per infusion

Drink more Water
Meeting your daily hydration goals can be a chore. The Fruit juice cup offers a way to flavor your water to make it easy to drink water by infusing fruit flavors into your water. The Citrus Zinger water bottle is unique in design - using a variety of attachments inside the bottle to instantly release juice and flavors. Fruit juice cup makes infused water more flavorful and more quickly than standard fruit infuser water bottles.

Customize Your Water
This combination pack includes the classic citrus press, so you have versatility to make a infused flavor combination that Zings! !

• Fruit juice cup :Press, twist and infuse lemons, limes, and clementines directly into your water. Detoxify and alkalize your body with deliciously flavored citrus drinks.

Recommended Usage
Fruit juice cup gives the best flavor after 20 minutes of infusing time, and be sure to give the bottle a shake. Make sure to use fully ripened ingredients. You can let your infusion steep for stronger flavor for up to 3 days, if refrigerated. When consuming, do not leave your Zinger unrefrigerated for more than 12-hours. You can get two fill-ups per infusion, but be sure to let the ingredients infuse for a longer period on the second fill-up. When finished, empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean.